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Give your sales and marketing force the power to instantly and completely demonstrate your technology in a comprehensive virtual environment directly from their personal computers. Empower your team to focus on delivering their best and most effective demo from anywhere with an Internet connection – with no hardware to ship, install, and configure. Our firewall-friendly solution requires no software to install and does not require any additional ports be opened. Virsoft Solutions enables you to demo even advanced scenarios requiring inbound or outbound Internet access or audio support, such as those that include Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Lync.

Update your virtual environment anytime, so that your team is always prepared with the latest versions of your solution. You can enable multiple users to connect to the same virtual machine instance so your sales force can share your most effective demos with multiple customers in parallel. Then leave behind an invitation to the demo environment for customers who want to explore your product further.

Download a datasheet for this solution here