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By hosting your trainings, you reduce costs, simplify logistics, and increase your reach. Your students can access trainings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so they can learn on their schedule – from home, from work, or on the road. With virtual trainings, you no longer need to incur the monetary costs and lost productivity associated with scheduled, on-site trainings. Keep you and your attendees focused on the activities that drive your business.

Verify your users understand the scenarios they work through by confirming that attendees reach milestone points. Add test questions and tasks to validate that attendees have acquired the core competencies required by the training.

With Virsoft Solutions, you can offer your attendees the best possible experience. Instantly scale your training up or down to accommodate the number of attendees – no more disappointed users or wasted resources. If your attendees need to pause the training, they can reconnect later and pick up right where they left off – even after closing the window. With Lab Return Points, users can skip ahead to exercises they are particularly interested in, or roll back in case they make a mistake. You can even make the training environment available to your attendees after the event is over to reinforce the content. End users spin up your full virtual training environment in seconds, and run it entirely within Internet Explorer. Attendees can copy text, such as developer code or PowerShell commands, from their personal computer and paste it directly into the virtual machines. Virsoft Solutions helps you maximize the effectiveness of your training while enabling you to reach more attendees at a lower cost.

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