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Authorized Lab Hoster (ALH) - Info Sheet

Virsoft Solutions provides online labs with Learn content integration to Learning Partners worldwide.





Geo of operation:


Virsoft Solutions

Amsterdam Netherlands & Seattle USA

Hosting in multiple Azure datacenters around the world


Hands-on-labs, Learnpipe, ALH AzureAccess


Virsoft Solutions is official Authorized Lab Hoster (ALH) since the start of the ALH program.


Virsoft offers access to hands-on-labs for all Microsoft ILT (MOC) courses to Learning Partners worldwide.

The online labs are integrated with the Learn content and the GitHub lab instructions.

For applicable courses, the labs include the needed Microsoft 365 tenant, Azure Pass code, or ALH AzureAccess account. 

To ensure high availability, low latency, scaling, and high performance, the lab environments are hosted in Azure datacenters around the world. This avoids the extra cost and limitations of proprietary datacenters.

Learnpipe (Learn/lab integration)

After Microsoft moved the MOC courseware from Skillpipe to the Learn site, Virsoft has created a Learn/labs integration solution - called Learnpipe. This makes it easier for students to navigate the Learn site for a particular course, and it allows Learning Partners to integrate other links (URLs) as well - such as the MTM evaluation link, and Teams link for remote training.

Effectively this means that the Learning Partner only needs to send a single URL to each student, instead of sending separate URLs (in multiple emails) for:

  • Learn content

  • Labs access

  • Achievement badge redeem (KPI point)

  • Evaluation link (MTM)

  • Teams link

  • Azure Pass code

https:// . .

https:// . .

https:// . .

https:// . .

https:// . .

https:// . .


Virsoft applies regional discounts to certain countries.

For pricing details, please contact Virsoft Solutions directly.


For contact, please reach out to for any further queries or demo.

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